PhenoCapture 9.7 (Build 994) released


Update on 10/06/2023


o Workspace zoom functionality has been greatly improved, allowing users to zoom around the mouse pointer.




o The printing function, which was incomplete in the previous program, has been greatly improved to allow users to print as they wish. In addition to the custom setting function, an automatic mode has also been added.




o Image augmentation is the process of generating new transformed versions of images from a given image set to increase diversity. This image augmentation is used in the field of machine learning research to generate more training images from limited images.In this update, the Image Augmenter function has been added to create more images with rotation (90, 180, 270 degrees) and vertical or horizontal flip.




The picture below shows the generated images.


o We have improved the Video Encoder function so that there is no limit to the number of animated gifs.

   o “Draw selection border” has been added to the color menu.