10/06/2023: PhenoCapture 9. (Build 994) released  click to see details

o o The printing function, which was incomplete in the previous program, has been greatly improved to allow users to print as they wish. In addition to the custom setting function, an automatic mode has also been added.

o Image augmentation is the process of generating new transformed versions of images from a given image set to increase diversity. This image augmentation is used in the field of machine learning research to generate more training images from limited images.In this update, the Image Augmenter function has been added to create more images with rotation (90, 180, 270 degrees) and vertical or horizontal flip.

o We have improved the Video Encoder function so that there is no limit to the number of animated gifs.
o “Draw selection border” has been added to the color menu.


7/15/2023: PhenoCapture 9.1 (Build 969) released  click to see details

o Users can freely set the camera settings and save and open the settings as files.
o The user can record and copy multiple ROI (region of selection) information to the clipboard. When image analysis is performed using batch processing, data is recorded for each set ROI.
o The user can increase the canvas size by adding a margin, or reduce the canvas size after removing the border.
o Many shortcuts have been set for easy use of program functions.



5/28/2021: PhenoCapture 8.1 (Build 946) released


4/16/2021: PhenoCapture 8.0 (Build 934) released  click to see details

o The "Video recorder" function has been significantly upgraded. Users can record at a higher speed (FPS) with more accruate recording timing. Users can also use the option to automatically create new video files at regular intervals.

o "FTP image upload service" now supports FTPs (SSL). In addition to the JPG format, the user can also save the latest two time-lapse images as an animated GIF that alternately displays. When this service is stopped, an image file remaining in FTP is deleted.


2/6/2021: PhenoCapture 7.6 (Build 909) released  click to see details

o The previous "Average gray value" function has been upgraded to "Average color value" to calculate the average color value for any color channel.

o "Hide outlines" feature added.

o The "Average image" function creates an average image from multiple images. Users can set whether the average image they want to create is color or gray.



12/29/2019: PhenoCapture 6.7 (Build 877) released  click to see details

o "Automatic image downloader" added
    - It allows you to download images at a certain interval from the web or from a specific IP address.
o Fixed an error that occurred when performing region extraction with batch processing.


2/9/2019: PhenoCapture 6.2 (Build 860) released  click to see details

o Parallel image processing has been implemented!
    - This significantly shortens image processing time.
    - PhenoCapture utilizes every CPU core.
o Combine multiple images and create a single average gray image
o Screening condition has been added in the Region extraction window


6/17/2018: PhenoCapture 5.4 (Build 830) released  click to see details

o Flattened camera aspect ratio fixed
o Camera connection checked in the FTP image upload service


4/15/2018: PhenoCapture 5.4 (Build 828) released  click to see details

o Support regional settings including time and date format
Support screen capture in the time lapse capture window

o Keep parameter settings in the FTP image upload service window


12/29/2017: PhenoCapture 5.2 (Build 824) released  click to see details

o Worng percentage error in the Color Quantification has been fixed
o Wrong link in the Update Notice has been corrected


11/16/2017: PhenoCapture 5.1 (Build 821) released  click to see details

o Print dialog revised.

 o File naming error fixed in the time lapse capture.

 o Several errors fixed although not mentioned.


8/17/2017: PhenoCapture 4.9 (Build 809) released  click to see details

o Camera setting panel upgraded.

 o Camera error check function added for time lapse capture.

 o On-line live streaming function added.

 o Lots of new features implemented.


7/12/2015: PhenoCapture 3.3 (Build 750) released  click to see details

o RGB color conversion to Lab color or rg Chromaticity.

 o Gap filling and Hough transform for circle detections added.

 o New dimension in Resize is correctly maintained for a batch processing.

 o Null length error in line color profile fixed.


4/3/2015: PhenoCapture 3.1 (Build 737) released  click to see details

o A new pop up menu has been implemented onto Drag-Drop image box.

 o Creation of mysterious a noisy pixel (shown as red) at the right bottom has been resolved.

      This often happened when image was pasted and processed.

 o Precise display of pixels in the zoom mode. In the past, half pixels were displayed in the edge.

      Now, the software shows whole pixels correctly. See the difference in the below.

      This correction also has been applied to resizing image.

 o Interface of camera selection dialog box has been improved for tablet users.


12/31/2014: PhenoCapture 3.0 (Build 731) released  click to see details

o Menu UI reorganized

 o Box averaging filter's performance improved

 o 'Select Scanner or TWAIN imaging devices' menu added

 o 'Change color' function added

 o 'Overlay image' function added

 o 'Particle color analysis' function development completed

 o Pop-up menu newly introduced in the Workspace window


11/9/2014: PhenoCapture 2.8 (Build 714) released  click to see details

o View online webcam live view in web browser like IP webcam!

 o Several bugs fixed such as errors while start-up error and inaccurate mouse pointer shape


7/1/2014: PhenoCapture 2.4 (Build 693) released  click to see details

o Skeletonization and outline functions added to the Batch process

o Several bugs fixed such as errors in selection and analysis tools


6/24/2014: PhenoCapture 2.3 (Build 689) released  click to see details

o Now selection region applied to Skeletonization and outline

o Remote webcam server/client speed improved


6/11/2014: PhenoCapture 2.2 (Build 683) released  click to see details

o The following new features added or updated

       - Image zoom in and out (very cool now!)

       - Quick animation

       - Batch text writer

       - Erode (Dilate) outline

       - Black and white dithering

       - Selection tool algorithm optimized

       - Sticky forms

       - Skeletonization added (extract skeleton curve from black and white image)

       - Resizable forms

       - Unselect of selection region added

       - Accurate form resize maintaining a fixed aspect ratio in the camera live view and image preview

o Lots of minor bugs fixed

o The software has been optimized for Windows 8



1/30/2014: PhenoCapture 1.7 (Build 632) released  click to see details

o Remote webcam server/client function significantly improved

       Now, PhenoCapture maintains highly stable connections to clients



1/6/2014: PhenoCapture 1.6 (Build 630) released  click to see details

o PhenoCapture now supports full HD recording!     Screenshot: Image

o Image upload service to ftp server for online live view was improved

      Now, PhenoCapture uploads image smoothly without frequent pauses

      It also creates HTML file automatically to provide online image view    Screenshot: Image

      Click here to read more details

o Several minor bugs/inconvenience were fixed


2/25/2013: PhenoCapture 1.4 (Build 584) released  click to see details

o Path (connected straight line) tool was added             Screenshot: Image

o The path tool can be used for Length measurement              Screenshot: Image

o A dialog window for adaptive thresholding was implemented           Screenshot: Image

o Canny Edge detection was improved           Screenshot: Image

o Cursor pointer was used for Color Range, Color Quantification, and Pixel Counter.

o Smooth movement of Rectangle, Circle, and Polygon shape tools.

o A bug of incorrect region selection was fixed


2/5/2013: PhenoCapture 1.3 (Build 571) released

o Custom coordinate window has been upgraded

o 'Preset file save' error in Batch processing was fixed


1/17/2013: PhenoCapture 1.2 (Build 567) released

o A few bugs fixed for better performance

o Canny edge detection, adaptive thresholding added             Screenshot: Image

o Convert multiple images to animated gif file             Screenshot: Image


5/17/2012: PhenoCapture 1.1 (Build 518) released

o A few bugs fixed for better performance


2/20/2012: PhenoCapture 1.1 (Build 515) released

o New function: Set rectangle selection box manually              Screenshot: Image

o Convert images files to video file (encoding supported!!)       Screenshot: Image


11/20/2011: PhenoCapture 1.1 (Build 502) released

o Video feature added. A user can extract frames from video file.   Screenshot: Image

o Remote webcam server greatly improved. Now, it supports multiple connections from more than 15 clients.

o A few errors fixed: 'Delete preset' function fixed on Batch process, Region selection error of neighborhood average filter fixed.


11/3/2011: PhenoCapture 1.1 (Build 475) released

o Incorrect input number might generate error in the Brightness and contrast or Black and White window. The problem was fixed

o 'Take image' icon was added in the Toolbox window

o As additional image source, Image buffer was added in the Batch processing window

o Image upload service was improved. Now it is very stable.

o Saving 'File as' generated error in some cases. We fixed this problem

o Shortcut key for 'Crop' function was changed from Ctrl+P to Alt+P


10/28/2011: PhenoCapture 1.1 (Build 471) released

o Image uploading service constantly works even if there are some temporary errors such as internet disconnection.

o Custom coordinate function: mouse cursor modified.


10/19/2011: PhenoCapture 1.1 (Build 468) released

o Selection tools have been much upgraded. Ellipsis, polygon, and multiple selection region are supported!

o Multiple array analysis is upgraded. It shows cell numbers.

o New filterers were added including sharpen, emboss, edge detection (homogenity, sobel, left hand edge, upper left hand edge)

o Batch analysis' interface was improved

o Color/domain selection function is added to the region extraction and color quantification windows

o In some cases, File manager didn't work well. We fixed this problem.


10/1/2011: PhenoCapture 1.0 (Build 400) released

o 'Video source' window implemented.

o General TWAIN devices such as a scanner supported.


9/27/2011: PhenoCapture 1.0 (Build 388) released

o Full size HD (high definition) capture is supported.


9/1/2011: Website launched



















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